I write to understand the world.

If you asked me what I enjoyed doing at the age of 8, I would have answered: “observing”. I explore identity and belonging through writing fiction and creative nonfiction. A frequent lover of food, I traveled around the world to learn about ice cream and to write a book about it. I am working on a novel exploring intergenerational trauma from the common practice of Chinese men starting a new life with a second family away from their home, especially after World War II. But in my novel, his first wife finds a way for his husband to pay his debts. I procrastinate on my novel through prose that satirizes San Francisco life and skates the line of experimental fiction.

A fellow writer once described my writing as: "You are somehow able to convey a detachment, or a distance, that allows both the humor and the quick emotional turns to burst out and pierce deeply. You also take on such interesting ideas and situations. I always have the sense, when I read your work, of someone with a powerful curiosity willing to take big intellectual leaps to investigate the world around her."