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Jennifer Ng is an Asian American writer in San Francisco. She is working on an epic historical novel that tells the story of Chinese immigrants living in Peru and the United States that explores the consequences of war and gender dynamics. Her nonfiction and fiction work has appeared in Please See Me, Quiet Lightning, Novalia Collective, Writers Circle, Arkana, Havik, Cold Creek Review, Shut Up and Write! Zine, Prototypr, The Cauldron, and Airplane Reading. She published Ice Cream Travel Guide, a nonfiction work based on her journey around the world searching for ice cream and meeting ice cream makers. Jennifer founded and leads a local women writers of color group. She is an alumna of the Tin House, Kenyon Review Writers Workshop and San Francisco Grotto’s Rooted & Written Fellowship. In her writing, she explores identity, belonging, and relationships. Outside of writing, she helps teams understand user behavior for products, crafts desserts, and cycles around the Bay Area. If she was asked about her favorite hobby at the age of 8, she would have answered “observing”, which is still a joy and an inspiration for storytelling.


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